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MICROMATE After 2 years of development, trial and testing, Micromate has finally launched to the market. An aluminium ware with multi-functions, specially designed to use in microwave, which has entirely changed your concept of microwave cooking. Just simply by using an aluminium ware laminated with special silicone, plus a microwave, you can easily grill, fry, bake, boil different kinds of food in a few minutes of time. Now, you can make your favorite meals in a microwave with absolutely a conventional oven cooked flavor.

Pari Match

Pari Match

Reinventing Your Perceptions.” – With our newly invented Micromate, our aluminum pizza pan can now be use in Microwave. With our Micromate, your microwave cooked food can finally remains its nutrition and freshness along with the ability to create baking effects on food.


Aluminium Microwave Cook Set, Non-stick Coating, Can be in different design in shape and colour


RoHS Compliance, Food Safe Certificate
Suitable for all brands of microwave with output from 500W to 1000W
  • Multifunctions — grill, fry, bake
  • Innovative technology, European design
  • Clean environment — no mess and absolutely safe
  • Retains its nutrition & moisture, juicy & tasty
  • Oil-free or less-oil – healthy cooking
  • Microwave speed, conventional cooking taste
  • Aluminium-ware, specifically designed for microwaves
  • Time saving & energy saving
  • Easy to clean, non-stick coated surface